Flies Be Gone Fly Barrel Fly Trap

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Flies Be Gone Fly Barrel Fly Trap

USE IT ANYWHERE OUTDOORS: This canister trap catches thousands of flies and comes with reusable suspension straps to hang almost anywhere outdoors - your patio, backyard, garden, dog kennel, ranch or camping site.

EASY TO USE: Pour bait in Barrel, add lukewarm water to the bait and attach the strap, hang outside. The bait activates in just one day, and remains activated for up to 30 days! Activated by warmth, the trap works best in warmer areas.

ATTRACTS FLIES: Whether the flies are male, female or pesticide resistant, this bait attracts them. Perfect for home or commercial use, outside restaurants, on farms and anywhere flies are a problem.

NON-TOXIC INGREDIENTS: Have no worries of bringing toxic materials into your safe haven – our fly bait is pesticide and poison free and made using natural food components. It’s like a gourmet meal for insects.

REUSABLE FLY CATCHER: The Fly Barrel will keep flies contained, before they get out of control! The screw top container has a specially designed lid that allows flies in, but won't let them fly out.

Made in USA.
No one likes flies, but flies love us – over and over again in the reusable Fly Barrel. This tidy, innovative Fly Barrel can easily be
positioned on a tree, fence or shepherds hook. Placed 25 feet away from the area you want to protect, it attracts those annoying and
dangerous flies down the funnels of its unique, fly loving cap. Once inside, they will not get out.
Using our unique, no poisons KM34 bait, the Fly Barrel will begin catching flies from the first day.

1 Kit includes
Reusable barrel with our KM 34 bait.
Reusable galvanized steel reinforced suspension strap
FREE additional KM34 replacement bait. Like getting two traps for the price of one.

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