The Original Set of 3 Animal Print 100% Cotton Turbie Twist Hair Towels (Grey)


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The Original Set of 3 Animal Print 100% Cotton Turbie Twist Hair Towels (Grey)

100% cotton. It includes three Turbie Twist towels: one in an animal print and two in a solid color, and three organza bags

Nonslip elastic loop secures towel

Measures 26"L x 9-1/2"H

Machine wash, tumble dry


All wrapped up. The Turbie Twist is a lightweight alternative to the big, bulky bath towels we often use to dry our hair. A convenient nonslip elastic loop keeps the towel in place for secure, absorbent drying after the pool, beach, or shower. From Turbie Twist.

Combining the super-absorbent qualities of the Turbie Twist hair towel with the thick, luxurious feel of cotton is a great way to turn your morning into a true spa experience.

Discover the Luxury of Pure Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber that spun into an ultra-luxurious cloth that’s breathable and moisture-wicking.

The thick and soft properties of cotton add a touch of spa elegance to this Turbie Twist while still drying your hair quickly.

Like all of our Turbie Twists, the Cotton Turbie Twist is adjustable to any size head — from children to adults — due to its tapered design and elastic closure loop which keeps it secure.

The Cotton Turbie Twist stays securely over your wet hair to allow you to put on your makeup, get dressed, or indulge in some spa-style pampering.

Cotton Does the Job with a Touch of Spa Luxury

The absorbent properties of cotton make it great for wicking moisture away. Less moisture means less drying time — and that translates into healthier hair.

Over-exposure to heat from blow-dryers contributes to frizziness and damage.

Choose the Cotton Turbie Twist Hair Towel for the Ultimate Indulgence

Now, you can enjoy the opulence of a spa right at home with the Cotton Turbie Twist.

Wrap your hair in the luxurious cotton and indulge in some well-deserved pampering.

The ultra-wicking cotton and the Turbie Twist design will take your morning — or evening — routine to the next level.

Turbie Twist Cotton Hair Towels
Discover the Luxury of Pure Cotton
100% cotton - a plush spa experience
Cuts down on drying time
Less blowdrying means healthier hair
Elastic loop keeps it secure - won't fall off!
Lightweight design saves your neck
Saves on laundry
Great for the beach or the pool
Easy to pack for the gym or for travel



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